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Mount Gambier Golf Club Incorporated
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December 2019  

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New Cart Shed and New Water Sprinklers

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Competition and handicap changes for all men’s club diary events

Effective 18/11/2017

Dear Member,

The Match committee have recently decided to expand our handicap grades to 4 divisions to allow an even spread of handicap ranges thought each grade.  Our old system had too many shots differing from lowest to highest markers in 2 of our 3 grades and there was an un even spread of participants within the grades.  This information was provided via a report through our micropower system.

As such as of the 18th of November the DAILY handicap ranges for each division will be as follows.

A Grade - +5 to 10

B Grade – 11-16

C Grade – 17-24

D Grade - 25-36

Accordingly, to ensure financial sustainability the Match committee have decided to remove all nearest the pin prizes (except Pro shots) for all divisions and re distributed these funds into winners list.  1st place in your division on Saturdays will now award you with $50 and a runner up will now award you with $30.

These handicap ranges will also see the reintroduction of the D grade club championship and the removal of the A reserve in the 2018 championship year.

For any further questions please direct these to your club captain or club professional

Regards MGGC Match committee


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