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Mount Gambier Golf Club Incorporated
PO Box 1027, Mount Gambier South Australia 5290

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March-April 2020

Match Update to Members

21st February 2020

There are a number of changes and initiatives that will be implemented over the next few weeks that members will be interested in.
Most of the below is about participation, value to the member's membership and enjoyment.
Combined with the good work happening on the course demonstrates how fortunate we are to enjoy such a facility at a  bargain basement price.

Eagles Nest - Shayne Hosking through Green Triangle Electronics and Kyocera Printers has offered to sponsor an Eagle's Nest Award.

This was very popular some years ago and we thank Shayne for his generous offer.

Each week the eagles nest will increase by 3 balls, one each for Wednesday,Thursday and Saturday until won then start over again.
To clarify an eagle will apply to only the par 4's.

Keep your eye out for the eagles nest in the clubhouse and continue to support our club's generous sponsors.

Men's Handicap Limit extended to 45 - with the new World Handicap System (WHS) clubs have an option to increase  the maximum handicap to 54 for both men and ladies.

Ladies are currently at 45 and the match committee has decided to increase the men's handicap limit to 45 also, initially as a trial.

The intent is to encourage more participation and this extension will make golf enjoyable for the longer handicap members which complements the objective of the CEP.

If there are any unintended consequences this can easily be reviewed and changed.

Saturday Competition to revert to three grades - members are aware that the club's finances are precarious and turning that around is a key priority.

Match have already made some cost savings with reduced prize money and another avenue is to revert the Saturday grades back to A, B and C.

This will save the club $3,000 per annum and in reality will have minimal impact on members as we don't win all that often.
Please keep the intention of keeping the club viable when you analyse this decision.

The handicap limit for the grades will be:

> A    12

> B    24

> C    45

Again this will be monitored and adjustments made if required.

Men's Saturday Monthly Medal - Separate Stableford Competition - statistics show that monthly medal numbers for the higher handicaps in particular are very low.

While the handicap lift to 45 mentioned earlier may assist, in an effort to increase participation a separate stableford competition will be

an option.

On Saturday monthly medal days, the standard three (3) stroke grades will apply PLUS there will be the one pool for those members who do not want to play stroke but instead elect to play in the one pool stableford event.  The standard Saturday blue tees will still apply.

Members will still book their tee times as normal, so the situation can occur where 3 players play stroke and the fourth plays stableford so that the camaraderie and "units" competition can continue.

Members to Print Scorecards - currently cards are pre-printed on the day prior to an event, which subsequently causes issues when tee times are then changed. The Micropower system is designed for members to print cards when they present on the day and the intention is for members do that.

Another reason is the new monthly medal stableford competition mentioned above. When the member prints their score card they make the choice of selecting either the stroke OR stableford event. If the cards are printed prior the pro shop does not know which event the player wants to play in.

The process is straightforward and there will be instructions and training on the process. However if a member does run into a problem then John or Ritchie will be on hand to assist.

When the card has printed behind the pro shop counter, the member will then pay their entry fee and receive their card as currently happens.

Men's Club Championships - are rapidly approaching with the two qualifying rounds on Saturday's 14th and 21st March.

The format will be the same as last year with quarter and semi finals played on the following two Saturdays and the finals played on Sunday 5th April.

There may also be the re-introduction of the A Reserve grade. The intent once again to encourage participation and members will be advised with more details if this goes ahead.


Peter Waters MGGC Captain - on behalf of the match committee

Mount Gambier Golf Club Inc


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