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Mount Gambier Golf Club Incorporated
PO Box 1027, Mount Gambier South Australia 5290

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Foot Traffic

> All players are encouraged to pull buggies away from greens to minimise damage to the greens and surrounds.

> Please refrain from constantly using the same path around greens and bunkers.

> DO NOT walk buggies across greens.

General Care

> All players must carry and use a sand bucket to fill divots.

> Please repair all pitch marks.

Golfers Practice Conditions

1. All players MUST report to the Pro Shop before starting practice rounds.

2. A maximum of two balls only may be played on the course proper.

3. All clubs can be used in the practice nets.

4. On the practice fairway care must be taken not to hit down on other players.

5. Players must play from markers as set out by the course staff. Blue markers are for competition days only.

Conditions of Play


The Occupational Health and Safety Act require the employer to maintain a safe working environment.

The Mount Gambier Golf Club has adopted a safe working practice. Procedures to prevent injury to staff from golf balls are as follows:

> Green Maintenance - When the flag has been removed the green is out of play and golfers are NOT to hit towards the green until the flag is replaced.

> Fairway and Rough Maintenance - Golfers MUST wait for an approaching vehicle or mower to pass behind, or out of range before playing their shots. Alternatively golfers may be called upon to take their shots by the operator. Other Situations - In all other situations golfers MUST receive acknowledgement from ground-staff who are in charge before playing a shot.

Failure to comply with the above procedures could result in a prosecution under the Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Act.

General Conditions Of Play

> All competitions are under the control of the Match Committee and are governed in accordance with the R & A Rules of Golf.

> The player on the lowest handicap in any match or competition automatically becomes captain of his match. He shall ensure that etiquette, the Rules of Golf and general conditions of play are strictly observed.

> Each player must have a separate set of golf clubs.

> There is to be a maximum of 4 players in any one group during a round of golf at any given time.

> No more than 2 juniors are permitted in a group without permission of the event organiser.

> The use of MOTORISED CARTS is PROHIBITED during any championship events with the exception of the user receiving prior consents of the Committee in the usual manner.

> Unauthorised rearrangement of the time sheet is not permitted under any circumstances.

> Excepting reasonable circumstances no scorecard will be accepted beyond 5.30pm for any club competition.

> Men must be Full Financial Members to qualify for any Club Championships and be a Full Member to qualify for any Major, Aggregate and Individual Club events (exception open Events). Country and Reciprocal Members are not eligible for any of these events.

  Golf Course Care

Bunker Policy

> Always enter and leave the bunker from the low side and never towards the green.

> Rake the bunker diagonally across your path as you exit the bunker turning the rake over to smooth your footprints.

> Leave rake in the flat of the bunker with the handle parallel to the line of flight of the hole being played with the handle pointing back towards the tee.

> Rakes should be placed as far from the edge as possible.

Motorised Golf Carts (including motor bikes)

> Users are required not to drive these vehicles within 10 meters of any green, bunker or surrounds.

> No motorised vehicle is to be driven between the greens and bunkers.

> Please stay on paths where provided.

General Conduct

> Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests whilst on club premises.

> Members and guests are required to maintain a high standard of conduct while in the club.

> Conduct prejudicial to the interest of the Club could lead to suspension.

> Members and guests intoxicated or unsuitably dressed will be requested to leave the premises.

Golf Responsibility

> Players must arrive 15 minutes before hit-off time. Players arriving late may be required to play at the end of the field.

> Any group which falls more than one clear hole behind must either (a) move quickly to catch up or (b) allow the group following to pass - preferably the former.

> It is the duty of the lowest handicapped player in each group to see that his fellow competitors observe rules and etiquette of the game.

> Please ensure no double booking on time sheets.

> Please ensure courtesy to starter by cancelling as soon as possible when unavailable.