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Mount Gambier Golf Club Incorporated
PO Box 1027, Mount Gambier South Australia 5290

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Hot Weather Policy & Extreme Weather Conditions

Hot Weather Policy

As an affiliated member of Golf Australia, the Mount Gambier Golf Club has chosen to run competitions in line with the Hot Weather Guidelines as adopted by Golf Australia. Whilst in most cases scheduled competitions will be held, they will be rescheduled to an appropriate time in the event of an extreme weather event.

The Hot Weather Guidelines can be accessed at https://assets.ctfassets.net/3urhge2ecl20/6OlZdsI6EgUKcryb9EkeCB/8012824f80e585ab9650d131d0fb692b/00016506-source.pdf

The Mount Gambier Golf Club Management Committee expects that all players carefully consider the conditions, as well as their own personal health and circumstances, before choosing to play in one of the golf club’s competitions. Members are also to take appropriate precautions and actions both before, during and after their game to ensure their own personal safety.

Rescheduled Policy

When the BOM forecast temperature at 5:00pm on the day prior is forecast to be 35o for women and 38o for men the following applies.

“The course is closed from 9:30am due to extreme weather condition.
Players who choose to play prior to or after this time do so at their own risk”

Thursday and Saturday Competitions:

Morning tee times are moved back 1 hour. At this late notice the tee booking sheet will not be adjusted and players are to adjust accordingly. For example if pre-booked at 7:30am hit-off will now be 6:30am.

Bookings after 9:00am are no longer applicable and players are to rebook between 7:00am – 9:00am and adjust back the 1 hour as outlined above.

LADIES – Wednesday

(Electrical Storms, Flooding Rain or Gale Force Winds)

In the case of an electrical storm players will be called from the course when the siren sounds:

OR if you feel your safety is compromised follow the above process.

If the greens are unplayable due to flooding rain:

If conditions do not improve with time left to complete the round, the match committee has the right to cancel the round and replay it at a later date.