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Mount Gambier Golf Club Incorporated
PO Box 1027, Mount Gambier South Australia 5290

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Checking in prior to play
All members and guests are required to ‘check in’ at the Golf Shop prior to play.
On competition days you are expected to arrive at least
15 mins prior to your tee time.

Sand Buckets and Divots
All players, regardless of pulling or carrying golf clubs, must carry and use a sand bucket. At all times of the year, divot holes must be filled with sand. This includes divots taken in the rough. Please do not replace the divot.

Pitch Marks
Pitch marks on greens must be repaired. Not only your own but any others you see.

Enter bunkers from the lowest point and exit via the same route. Rake and smooth all footprints and divots.
Replace rakes in the holders or where no holder, position in the lowest part of the bunker with the handle facing back down the fairway.

Leave the bunker how you would like to find it.


The following are some basic courtesy and respect for others points, that if followed will make golf enjoyable for all of us.

The lowest marker in each group is responsible to see that the rules and etiquette of golf are strictly adhered to.

 No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is making a stroke.

Mobile phones should be turned off or set to the lowest possible ring volume or if available to vibrate mode. Calls should be as brief as possible and MUST NOT delay play or disrupt other players.

Players who have golf carts:

should be aware of the noise they create and as such they should not be driven up to or past players during the course of their stroke making.

must obey cart signage directions

park at least 10m from the green

protect tee blocks by parking off the tee blocks.

carts are NOT permitted on fairways during winter or on fairways under maintenance

No players should hit until the players in front are out of range or are called upon to do so

In interest of all, players should PLAY WITHOUT DELAY – READY GOLF.

Players should leave the green in a direction so as not to interfere with play for the following group.

Players should not leave their bag, buggy or golf cart at or near the front of the green and if possible they should be left on or near the path to the next tee.

Players searching for a ball should call the following players up as soon as it is obvious the ball cannot be found or utilize the local rule on a lost or out of bounds ball.

As specified in the rules of golf, A MAXIMUM OF 3 MINUTES IS ALLOWED TO SEARCH FOR A BALL.

Pace of Play

The Committee is concerned about the pace of play and has developed some simple and practical solutions to address this problem. Slow play is the bane of all golfers and ultimately is a result of either poor on course awareness or attitude or both. Accordingly, members are asked to adhere to the following guidelines to ensure that all players enjoy their golf.

The maximum time for 18 holes in single stableford and par events is 4 hrs 5 minutes and 4 hrs 15 minutes for stroke events, inclusive of a stop at the half way house.

Be ready at the tee at least five minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.

Before teeing off determine the lowest marker who is responsible for etiquette and pace of play of the group. Select your playing partner and swap cards.

The key responsibility is to KEEP UP WITH THE GROUP IN FRONT – READY GOLF.

Play a provisional ball when in doubt or utilize the local rule on a lost or out of bounds ball.

If a player in your group has lost their ball, hit your ball first, where practicable, then join the search for the missing ball.

Move promptly between shots.

Be ready to hit or putt as soon as it is your turn. Study your line on the putting green while others are putting.

Mark your card on the next tee.

Particularly on the tee, play out of turn if necessary – READY GOLF.

On approaching the green, leave your clubs as close as practical to the next tee.

 “Pick up” immediately if you cannot score on the hole.

If falling behind the group in front, the first two players to putt out should proceed to the next tee and hit off – READY GOLF.

If you have lost your place in the field, i.e. you have a full clear fairway in front, have respect for the rest of the field and speed up your play. Or for your enjoyment and not feel pressured to rush, call the following players through.

For more information: click here to visit Rules and Amateur Status website

Golf Etiquette and Pace of Play